Procedure for reviewing articles

No more than one individual article of the author and one article in co-authorship are accepted for publication in the issue at the same time.

The acceptance of materials and the formation of the issue of the Journal is carried out in the following terms:

  1. the first month of the quarter-acceptance of materials for publication;
  2. the second month of the quarter – the work of the Editorial Board and the Editorial Board on the formation of the issue of the Journal;
  3. the third month of the quarter – the transfer of the draft issue of the Magazine to the printing house, the publication of the Magazine.

Articles are accepted in strict compliance with the requirements for the original authors of the articles and the availability of all accompanying documents.

Sending articles to the Editorial Board of the Journal means that the authors agree to the right to publish them in the Journal by the Academy and to republish them in any foreign language.

The editorial board notifies the authors of the receipt of the article by e-mail within 14 calendar days. If necessary, conducts correspondence with the authors about the elimination of comments.

The submitted materials are reviewed by the Editorial Board and the Editorial Board. Information about the publication dates is provided to the authors after reviewing the articles that have passed the review.