Recommendations for preparing the abstract of the article

Abstract – an independent source of information, a brief description of the work, including the relevance, problem statement, ways to solve it, results and conclusions. It indicates what is new in this article in comparison with others related to the topic and purpose. The recommended volume is 100-150 words in Kazakh, Russian and English.

When writing an abstract, you should pay attention to the following:

  • do not repeat the text of the article itself, the information contained in its title;
  • do not provide figures, tables, in-text footnotes, abbreviations, author’s abbreviations, or material that is not included in the article itself;
  • describe the method or methodology of the work in the event that they are new or interesting from the point of view of this work;
  • present the results of the work very accurately and informatively;
  • present the main theoretical and experimental results, actual data, discovered relationships and patterns.;
  • use syntactic constructions that are characteristic of the language of scientific and technical documents, avoid complex grammatical constructions, introductory words, and general formulations.