From the Editors

The journal is an innovative platform for the formation of a scientific and educational information environment for a comprehensive discussion and solution of problems of law enforcement, the formation of new legislative initiatives and novelties.

The main purpose of the Journal is to publish the results of current fundamental and applied scientific research in the field of law enforcement, legal science and international law, as well as to familiarize readers with the best international experience in implementing the results of scientific research.

Journal Tasks:

1) study of the current state of domestic and foreign legislation, law enforcement practice in order to formulate proposals for the development and improvement of law enforcement activities and various branches of law;

2) analysis of theoretical and empirical aspects of state-legal phenomena, legislation of foreign states and international law;

3) conducting a comparative analysis of the activities of law enforcement agencies of the Republic of Kazakhstan and other countries;

4) reflection of the main results of research and scientific and practical activities of specialists in scientific fields provided for by the Journal’s subject matter;

5) familiarization of practitioners and the legal community with the results of research.

The Journal publishes the results of open scientific research in the field of law enforcement, law and science, carried out by employees of the Academy and law enforcement agencies, other scientific institutions, higher educational institutions and citizens who conduct scientific research on their own initiative.

The scientific publications of the Journal provide geographical diversity of authors with a high citation index.

The journal is published in print, articles are published in Kazakh, Russian and English.

The journal is published quarterly.