Requirements for the design of articles

1) the article for publication must contain the results of original scientific research;

2) the text of the article is made in the format doc (Microsoft Word) page-A4, portrait orientation, the volume of the main text up to 8 pages, font Times New Roman, size 14 pt, spacing-1.0; line spacing-single, formatting-in width, paragraph indent-1.25 cm, margins-20 mm on all sides, numbering is mandatory at the bottom of the center of the page;

3) the article is submitted in electronic form, issued with the following information:

in the upper left corner, the UDC index (universal decimal classifier, IRSTI (Interstate Rubricator of Scientific and Technical Information) (;

last name, first name, patronymic of the author(s) (no more than 3 authors), academic degree, academic title, academic degree (if available), information about the author’s place of work, city, country, title of the article (in capital letters, bold), abstract (number of words – from 100 to 150) keywords (8-10 words) in Kazakh, Russian and English. Full name of the organization, city, country (if the authors work in different organizations, you must put the same icon next to the author’s name and the corresponding organization). The abstract should not repeat the title of the article, contain formulas, contain bibliographic references, and should reflect the summary of the article, while maintaining the structure of the article. Keywords should reflect the main content of the article, if possible, do not repeat the terms of the title and annotation, use terms from the text of the article, as well as terms that define the subject area and include other important concepts that make it easier and expand the possibilities of finding the article by means of an information system;

the text of the article containing the introduction, task statement, goals, research methods, results/discussion, conclusion/conclusions;

the list of information sources used in the preparation of the article (list of references) is located at the end of the article (including at least 1/3 of the total number of foreign sources in a foreign language). The Editorial Board recommends that the list of references refer to articles from journals on global citation indexes (Scopus, Web of Science). References should be numbered strictly in the order of their mention in the text. The reference number in the text of the article should be placed in square brackets. The first reference in the text to the literature should have the number [1], the second – [2] , etc. Electronic resources that do not specify the author of the material, statistical collections, normative legal acts are indicated in page-by-page footnotes and are not included in the list of references. The reference to the book in the main text of the article should be accompanied by an indication of the pages used (for example, [2, 545 pages]). The list of references is drawn up in accordance with GOST 7.1. -2003 ” Bibliographic record. Bibliographic description. General requirements and rules of compilation”. When a source is re-cited, it is assigned the number of the original citation. When linking to Internet resources, the author, the title of the text, the source, the full email address of the material, and the date of its visit are indicated. It is not allowed to link to private messages, reports, unprotected dissertations and other unpublished materials. Article lists of literature are also drawn up in the Roman alphabet (References). On the site there is a program for transliterating Russian into Latin. Self-citation of the author is allowed no more than 20% of the number of sources in the list of references.

Well-designed and translated abstract, keywords, and references increase the interest in the article, as well as the likelihood of citation of the article by foreign colleagues;

4) on the last page of the manuscript there should be an entry: “the article is published for the first time” the date and signature of the author (s) should be put);

5) To set formulas, use the built-in Microsoft Eguation 3.0 formula editor. Formulas are typed in the Latin alphabet, font size 11. Only those formulas that are referenced in the text are numbered.

Tables, figures (graphic material) should be placed after the mention. Each illustration should be accompanied by an inscription. The drawings must be made clearly, in a format that ensures the clarity of the transmission of all details, numbered, signed and presented on an electronic medium. Table graph headings start with uppercase letters, and subheadings can start with lowercase letters if they make up the same sentence with the title.

All abbreviations and abbreviations, with the exception of those that are obviously well-known, must be deciphered when they are first used in the text.

Examples of the design of the list of references


Zaginey, Z. A. Features of the application of measures of a criminal-legal nature in relation to legal entities in Ukraine: the main provisions of the Criminal Code / Z. A. Zaginey / / Scientific Journal “Kukyk korgau organdary akademiyasynyn Zharshysy”. – 2018. — № 4 (10). — Pp. 30-40.

Transliteration into English: Zaginej, Z. A. Osobennosti primenenija mer ugolovno-pravovogo haraktera v otnoshenii yuridicheskih lic v Ukraine: osnovnye polozhenija Ugolovnogo kodeksa / Z. A. Zaginej // Nauchnyj zhurnal “Kukuk koggai organizational akademijasynyn Zharshysy”. – 2018. — № 4 (10). — S. 30-40.


Lokutsievsky, O. M. The beginning of numerical analysis / O. M. Lokutsievsky, M. B. Gavrikov. – M.: “Janus” LLP, 1995. – 581 p.

Transliteration into English: Lokucievskij, O. M. Nachala chislennogo analiza / O. M. Lokucievskij, M. B. Gavrikov – – M.: TOO “Janus”, 1995 — – 581 s.

Electronic resources.

Krolis, L. Yu. Administrative responsibility for violation of tax legislation [Electronic resource] / L. Yu. Krolis. – Dissertation. – Yekaterinburg, 1996. – 193 p. – Access mode: (accessed: 08.06.2020).

Transliteration to English: Krolis, L.Ju. Administrativnaja otvetstvennost’ za narushenie nalogovogo zakonodatel’stva [Jelektronnyj resurs] / L.Ju. Krolis. — Dissertacija. — Ekaterinburg, 1996. – 193 s. — Rezhim dostupa: (data obrashhenija: 08.06.2020).

Official documents.

On amendments and additions to certain legislative acts of the Republic of Kazakhstan on the activities of the local police service: Law of the Republic of Kazakhstan dated November 2, 2015 No. 388-V. – [Electronic resource] – Access mode: (accessed: 03.09.2020).

Transliteration into English: O vnesenii izmenenij i dopolnenij v nekotorye zakonodatel’nye akty Respubliki Kazahstan po voprosam dejatel’nosti mestnoj policejskoj sluzhby: Zakon Respubliki Kazahstan ot 2 nojabrja 2015 g. No. 388-V. – [Jelektronnyj resurs] – Rezhim dostupa: (data obrashhenija: 03.09.2020).